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Plugin Description Automatically applies AnimateImage script that displays multiple images like animated GIF. All you have to do is write img elements.
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Auto AnimateImage is WordPress plugin that applies AnimateImage script to your site automatically. AnimateImage displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF. All you have to do is write img element like below, and the image will be animated automatically.

<img src="images/0.png" data-files="[0-9].png" />

As you know, animated GIF is the most common animation format, but it supports up to only 256 colors. There are some alternative animation formats such as APNG, MNG, JNG, Motion JPEG and SVG Animation. However they are currently not widely supported by Web browsers. That is why AnimateImage is the most appropriate method for animated images.

Auto AnimateImage Features

  • Automatically applies AnimateImage script to your site
  • All you have to do is write img elements. No JavaScript, No Shortcode, No Gallery.
  • Common options and animation styles can be customized via Settings screen
  • Compatible widely down to even obsolete WordPress 2.7

AnimateImage Features

  • Displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF. It supports sequential/arbitrary filenames.
  • Supports any image formats supported by Web browsers, such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG XR (HD Photo), BMP, TIFF, WebP and SVG. Thereby transparent animation with more than 256 colors is available.
  • Many animation options are available, such as animation delay, repeat count, rewind, pause and blank image
  • img elements with data-files attribute are animated automatically. No need for writing JavaScript.
  • Animations are controllable by writing JavaScript. You can start/stop/replay them at any time.
  • Standalone script with 5.6 KB file size, without using JavaScript libraries such as jQuery
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and their older versions

How to Install

See Installation.

How to Use

All you have to do is write img elements with data-files attribute, and the images will be animated automatically. You can animate multiple images with sequential number, zero-padded sequential number, sequential alphabet and arbitrary filenames.

<img src="sequential/0.png" data-files="[0-99].png" />
<img src="zero-padded/00.png" data-files="[00-99].png" />
<img src="lowercase/prefix-a.png" data-files="prefix-[a-z].png" />
<img src="uppercase/A_suffix.png" data-files="[A-Z]_suffix.png" />
<img src="arbitrary/foo.png" data-files="[foo, bar, baz].png" />
<img src="parent/child0/image.png" data-files="child[0-9]/file.png" />

AnimateImage supports many animation options such as animation delay, repeat count, rewind, pause and blank image. You can specify them with data-* attributes like below.

<img src="" data-files=""
    title="" alt="" id="" class="" style=""
    data-delay="" data-cycleDelay=""
    data-repeat="" data-rewind=""
    data-pauseAtFirst="" data-pauseAtLast=""
    data-showBlank="" data-blankClassName=""
    data-blankPath="" data-stretchBlank="" />

See Code Examples for more information.

Support Me

Any comments will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your support!


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