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Plugin Description Backup by blogVault is the most reliable way to perform WordPress backup for your site. It is the easiest way to backup, restore or migrate your sites
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Backup is crucial to any business. Regular backup protects your data. blogVault is a top-notch WordPress backup plugin that creates daily automatic backups of your WordPress site. The backup plugin does a complete backup of your site, including files and database backup.

Top Features:

  • Daily Automatic Backup
  • Real-time WordPress Backup
  • Complete WordPress Backup - files backup and database backup
  • WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  • 30 day Backup history
  • Easy restore from backup
  • Easy migration from backup
  • Managed offsite backup
  • Incremental backups
  • Encrypted and Secure Backups
  • World class support for any backup related queries
  • Easy to use dashboard to manage all backups
  • Free Plan with Weekly backups

Easy Backup Setup

It takes only a few minutes to install the blogVault backup plugin. blogVault schedules daily backups and only uses offsite storage, so everything is automatically set up. The first WordPress backup is initiated immediately and you can view the progress of your backups from the blogVault dashboard.

Complete WordPress Backup

The blogVault backup plugin does a complete backup of the WordPress site, including files and database. Many backup plugins only backup the database. This is not sufficient as all the images, themes, plugins, and other uploads are stored as files. Just doing a backup of the database can hence lead to data loss at the time of restore. blogVault saves your complete WordPress site content including Posts, Pages, Plugin, Images, Comments, etc.

Managed offsite backups

Most backup plugins store backups locally on the server. This puts additional load on the server and slows your site down. Not only that, this backup technique can quickly eat up all your server storage space if you have a limited storage plan. The blogVault backup plugin doesn't use any local storage for your WordPress backups. Lastly, local backups are as good as no backups at all. If the server crashes then you will lose the WordPress site and the backups too. Like in the case of any good wp backup plugin, blogVault creates offsite backups so that your content is safe even if your site goes down. It manages the backup archive and stores up to 30 wordpress backups at any point of time. The backups are stored in blogVault's own servers and also copied on to Amazon S3 servers. A total of 9 copies for every WordPress backup is maintained across multiple independent data-centers.

Easy Restore of Backups

If your site gets hacked, blogVault's easy restore feature helps you get back on your feet swiftly. It automatically restores a specific WordPress backup onto the server. blogVault also includes a test-restore feature using which you can test backups before deploying them onto the server or simply to verify the integrity of a WordPress backup version. The wp backup is temporarily restored on blogVault's own servers so that you can validate the backup.

Migration using Backup

blogVault's simple migration feature helps you move to a new domain or host seamlessly using backups. The chosen WordPress backup version is uploaded onto the new location with just a few clicks and your site is ready to be launched. Any version from the list of backups can be used for this. The migration takes place straight from the backup stored on the blogVault servers, hence not affecting the original site. blogVault does migrations in parts, and hence very large WordPress backups can also be migrated easily.

Securing your Backup

blogVault provides the best security by maintaining multiple copies of WordPress backups on its own as well as Amazon S3 servers. This ensures redundancy of your wp backups. All your backups are encrypted and are hence 100% safe with us. You can also use the backup to Dropbox feature and upload backups to your Dropbox account. This feature enables you to store chosen versions of your WordPress backup beyond the 30 days for which blogVault archives your backups.

Incremental Backups

Do you own large site that spans 10s of GB? Then regular backup plugins may not work for you. Most run-of-the-mill backup plugins fail while performing large backups, some also leading to crashes. This happens because plugins usually run complete backups every time. Backup processes that need to cover multiple GBs of data will end up loading your server and slowing your site down. blogVault does a complete backup of your site only the very first time. After this, only the changes since the last backup are picked up. This backup method, known as incremental backup, reduces the load on your server and the size of your backups.

Real-time Backup

With a regular backup plugin, there is a possibility of losing data even if you have daily scheduled backups. Sites that deal with e-commerce or news undergo multiple updates in a day. An outage in the middle of the day could spell doom. blogVault's real-time backup ensures that any change is immediately saved with this instant backup. You no longer have to worry about losing a single transaction, even if your site crashes in between scheduled backups. However, real-time backups may not work for all your site's content. Real-time backups work by listening to triggers generated by standard WordPress updates. These updates include adding/ updating posts, pages, users, media, etc. However, some plugins (like wooCommerce) create custom tables in the WordPress database which arent covered by regular real-time backups. blogVault also has special handling for wooCommerce sites which regular backup plugins don't handle.

WordPress Multisite(WPMU) Backup

blogVault supports WordPress Multisite backups. While some services backup only a single subsite, we backup the entire network. This reduces the possibility of any shared resource such as plugin or theme being lost during backup. With blogVault, you can backup, restore, or migrate your WPMU site.

Backup Monitoring

Does your backup plugin monitor your site constantly? blogVault constantly monitors your site to ensure that backups are going through as scheduled. It notifies you immediately via email if a backup fails or your site doesn't respond.

Backup History

An easy way of managing WordPress backups is very essential for any backup plugin. Assuming that you take daily backups of your site, we are talking about 30 a month, 360 a year, and so on. A good history page that lists all the backups is very useful. However, if you want to look for a specific backup version, how do you do it? If you want to rollback your site to backup containing specific changes, is there a way? blogVault's history page includes information about each backup like list of plugins, number of posts, pages, files, and tables. Not only that, it also highlights the changes in a backup making it really easy to locate any specific updates. It also includes a screenshot for every backup which again enables you to find a particular backup with a single glance.

Test-Restore your Backup

blogVault provides a unique feature which lets you restore a backup temporarily on our test servers. This lets you validate the backup and ensure that the backup works as expected. It can also be used to identify the right backup to restore from in case you are reverting to an older backup apart from the latest backup.


blogVault provides the best technical support in comparison to other wordpress backup plugins, using phone, email and chat. If you face any issues with backups, the support team is always ready to help.

Backup Plans

blogVault provides 3 different WordPress backup plans - basic, plus, and pro, to suit different backup needs. Whether you are a small time entrepreneur or a large company, blogVault puts an end to your data loss worries with these flexible backup plans. blogVault includes a 7 day free trial so that you can explore all the features of this backup plugin before committing to a specific backup plan. Your WordPress backups are as valuable as your site itself. Without a good backup in place, you are a risk of losing everything when your site goes down. It is very important to choose a backup plugin that brings the best backup features and guaranteed support. The blogVault backup plugin is the best choice for you.

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