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Plugin Description Calculated Fields Form is a plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result.
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Calculated Fields Form is for visually:

♦ Creating forms with automatically calculated fields
♦ Finance calculators
♦ Quote calculators
♦ Booking cost calculators
♦ Date calculators
♦ Health / fitness calculators
♦ Form builder for adding input fields on the form
♦ Add one or more calculated fields
♦ Predefined forms templates

With Calculated Fields Form you can create forms with dynamically calculated fields to display the calculated values.

It includes a form builder for adding/editing different field types, including one or more automatically calculated fields based in the data entered in other fields.

Calculated Fields Form can be used for creating both single and complex calculations, for example general calculators, ideal weight calculators, calorie calculators, calculate quotes for hotel booking and rent a car services, calculate quotes for appointments and services, loan & finance calculators, date calculators like pregnancy calculators, etc...


  • Visual form builder with multiple fields and form formatting options
  • Any number of calculated fields can be added
  • Easy and visual calculator interface
  • The calculator supports both easy and advanced operations, including ternary operators and common Math functions
  • Supports multiple field types, like drop-down, checkboxes, radiobuttons, dates, numbers
  • Accept operations with dates (ex: days between two dates)
  • Smart automatic number and prices identification into the field values
  • Supports form separators and comments sections to layout the form in a friendlier way
  • Manage multiple calculated forms
  • Practical "clone" button to duplicate a form
  • Five pre-built practical samples included
  • Multi pages forms supported
  • Conditional rules supported. Useful for creating wizards
  • Intuitive and interactive form builder interface
  • Predefined forms templates

Latest Features Added

  • Dependent fields: Fields can be shown/hidden based on other checkboxes, radiobuttons or drop-down selections
  • Dependent fields from calculated values: Fields can be shown/hidden based on the value of a calculated field
  • Throubleshoot area to automatically fix conflicts with other scripts on themes or third party plugins and also for special characters support
  • Multi page calculated forms
  • New validations, fields types and features in the form builder
  • Calculated fields can be hidden fields.

There are five samples already included with the installation:

  1. Simple Calculator Operations
  2. Calculation with Dates (bookings with check-in and check-out dates)
  3. Ideal Weight Calculator
  4. Pregnancy Calculator
  5. Lease Calculator

You can either "clone" those calculated forms to complete your own form or create a new calculated form from scratch for your application.

You can mix text and numbers into a field. If a field contains a number it will be automatically identified and used for the calculations. In addition to that, the checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down fields can have separately a visual "text" and a hidden "value" linked to each test: the value will be the one used for the calculation.

The dates are also automatically identified and you can apply operations between them, for example, you can calculate the number of days between two dates with a simple operation like "date2-date1" or add some number of days or weeks to a date. To display the result as a date again you can use the CDate operator included in the calculator. The samples #2 and #4 are practical samples.

The form processing and payment processing aren't included in this version. There are other versions with form processing included and additional features. See the FAQ for more information.

The plugin has two additional (commercial) versions: Premium and Developer, each of them with its own features:

Features in Premium version:

  • All features of free version of plugin
  • Submits the form data, and stores the data on database, for future review
  • Allows send notification emails with the data submitted, to the form editor and users
  • Allows charge the calculated field directly through PayPal
  • Allows export and import your forms between different WordPress
  • Allows to display the submitted data in the thanks page
  • Includes a dashboard widget to display the submissions of the last week

Features in Developer version:

  • All features of free and premium version of plugin
  • Includes new controls that get its information from different datasources (database, CSV file, Post, Taxonomies, and users data)
  • Includes financial operations
  • Includes operations for date times management
  • Includes a script for saving the submitted data in an external database
  • Includes an add-on to integrate the forms with the WooCommerce products (Beta Version).
  • Includes an add-on to integrate the forms with the SalesForce service(Beta Version).
  • Includes an add-on to post the submitted information by the forms to WebHooks URLs, allowing integrate the forms with services like Zapier. The Zapier service connects services as important and popular as Zoho CRM, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Evernote, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, and more than 300 services(Beta Version).

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