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Plugin Description Out-of-the-box support for full CMS navigation in your WordPress site including drop down menus, breadcrumbs trail and sidebar navigation.
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Our new plugin, WPML, includes the functionality of CMS Navigation and is recommended for new designs.

It features much cleaner and simpler HTML and customization via the admin screen.

Additionally, we recommend you checkout our new CMS enabling plugins Types and Views.

With Types and Fields, you can achieve the functionality of this plugin yourself and customize it in whatever way you like.

Legacy Stuff

Do you want to use WordPress to create a full website, with easy navigation and menus? This plugin will let you add essential navigation functions to your template, including:

  • Top navigation bar, listing the top-level pages and their children (as drop-down items).
  • Breadcrumbs trail navigation that shows the path to the current page all the way from the home page.
  • Left navigation that shows where the visitor is next to the page's parent and nearby pages.

No configuration is required. To use, add the calls that create each navigation element to your template. These calls can be added to any WP template

There are three template functions that can be used for displaying the navigation sections

Drop down top menu


cms_navigation_menu_nav($order='menu_order', $show_cat_menu=false, $catmenu_title='News')

This will display the top navigation - the top level pages with their sub pages as drop down elements. Additionally - if specified - the menu will include the top level post categories at the end.

Normally, this function is added to your header.php file, so that it applies to the entire website.


  • <?php cms_navigation_menu_nav() ?> - include without the categories menu.
  • <?php cms_navigation_menu_nav('post_title') ?> - sort items by title.
  • <?php cms_navigation_menu_nav('menu_order',true,'News') ?> - sort items according to the 'order' field.

Breadcrumbs trail navigation



This will display a path from the current page all the way to the home page. It's useful for visitors who land in your website to know where they are and be able to navigate to relevant pages.

For posts

Home >> CATEGORY-NAME >> Post title

For pages

Home >> Parent pages... >> Page title

All the items back to the home page will be clickable.

You can add this function to single.php and page.php so that it will produce trail navigation for every page or post.

Sidebar navigation



This will display the sidebar navigation for pages. It will show a tree created the page parents and it's 'brother' pages (other children to the same parent).

This function should be added to page.php, as it provides local navigation between pages.

Live example using this plugin

Baripedia is using this plugin (and other CMS related plugins we've written).

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