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Plugin Description YouTube embed plugin. Customize a YouTube embed with your own annotations, links, and controls. YouTube fans will see YouTube in a unique way!
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YouTube Advanced Embed is a plugin that enhances the YouTube videos you embed in your WordPress site. It's a feature-rich and smart upgrade to the standard YouTube embed. By just pasting a YouTube link, you'll not only get the features of YouTube's standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, video reactions beyond YouTube.com comments (e.g., Google+, Reddit, and Twitter). With our free wizard, you can also customize your YouTube embeds with third-party annotations, chapters, and more. Go PRO and add clickable links, analytics, alerts, and more.

More specifically, YouTube Advanced Embed can provide you and your visitors with the following features for each YouTube embed:

  • Auto HD
  • YouTube styled controls for instant replay
  • Cropping - Set start and stop times to share just a funny or interesting part of a YouTube video.
  • Video Reactions - Discussions around a YouTube video you embed might be happening all over the web, not just YouTube.com. This feature allows your visitors to read them right from your blog. We have a growing list of communities that includes Digg, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter. Recent YouTube.com comments can also be displayed by the plugin.
  • Timed Annotations - Now you can add annotations to a YouTube embed even if you don't own the YouTube channel. Use it to display captions, links, calls-to-action, etc at a specific time during playback.
  • YouTube styled chapter buttons (custom and smart social chaptering)
  • YouTube styled looping buttons to repeat a scene you like or the whole video over and over
  • Other DVD-like controls
  • Hide YouTube creator's annotations - Say goodbye to the links and annotations that the original owner of the video put in your embed.

...All without having to alter the original video's content on YouTube. Please see the Advanced YouTube Embed related screenshots on our home page or download the plugin now to play with some of these features on a real YouTube video. The plugin even works if you use the nifty oEmbed method of just pasting a YouTube video link on its own line. Your past YouTube embeds can be automatically transformed if you wish.

After installing, you have the ability to add on PRO options like One-click YouTube SEO tags and a user-friendly YouTube analytics dashboard. The dashboard answers important questions like:

  • How much are your visitors actually watching the videos you post?
  • How does the view activity on your site compare to other sites like it?
  • What and when are your best and worst performers?
  • How much do the YouTube videos you embed rely on your site for views?

It will even alert you if Google takes down a YouTube video you embedded on your site.

Note: If you don't see the extra features on your YouTube embeds, you might have another WordPress-YouTube embed plugin that needs to be deactivated first.

Hear about major upcoming announcements and feature updates by signing up here.

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