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Plugin Description Add Facebook friends inviter buttons using widgets and shortcodes. Visitors click the button then select Facebook friends to bring to your site. Incre
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Add an Invite Facebook Friends button to any WordPress website with the Facebook Friends Inviter Plugin.

This WordPress plugin adds customizable text links and customizable graphic buttons that are visible to anyone who visits your WordPress site. Buttons can be added using widgets and shortcodes.


  • Facebook Requests Graphic Button
  • Facebook Requests Link Button
  • Seamless friend requests selector
  • FB Friends request widgets - as many widgets as you want to use
  • FB Friend inviter shortcodes - as many shortcodes as you want to use
  • Customizable link text
  • Customizable button
  • Put the button or text link anywhere within your site
  • Set button/text width
  • Set button/text alignment

This plugin is free. It is standalone so no need to install other plugins to make it work.

You could use the Facebook request code in raw format within your site but why do that when you can use a plugin that makes the process easier, quicker and tidier!

The easiest way to get your visitors to bring their Facebook friends to your party

The Widget

The widget can be placed in any widget area. Put it in a sidebar, in your header, in your footer... Put it wherever you have a widget area.

Display your button using custom text or a custom button. Can't think of a button image to use? Use the default settings.

The widget has 10 settings

  • Widget Title
  • Show Title
  • Dialogue Box Title
  • Message
  • App ID
  • Button Text
  • Button Image
  • Force Image Use
  • Button Width
  • Alignment

Widget Title is the title of the widget.

Show Title determines whether the widget title shows at all.

Dialogue Box Title sets the title of the Facebook friends selector popup box.

Message is the message shown in the Facebook friends selector popup box.

App ID is your Facebook App ID. Instructions for getting an app ID are shown below.

Button Text is the text used for your FB invite link. Leave as blank to show the default button image.

Button Image is for a custom button image URL. The default button is used if no URL is stated.

Force button use? Forces a button image to be used even if anchor text for a text link is stated in the Button text field.

Button Width lets you specify the pixel/percentage width of the button image and button text.

Alignment lets you choose whether the button should be left, center or right aligned.


The Shortcode

The [fib] shortcode lets you place a button anywhere in your site where a shortcode can be used. It has two attributes:

  • title
  • message
  • text
  • image
  • appid
  • width
  • align

title="" sets the title of the Facebook friends selector popup box.

message="" sets the message shown in the Facebook friends selector popup box.

text="" is the text used as your 'invite friends' link. Leave empty to display the default inviter button.

image="" lets you specify an alternate button image. text="" overrides any image setting.

appid="" is your Facebook App ID (instructions above).

width="" lets you specify the button width. You must add the unit of measure e.g px or %.

align="" let you choose button alignment. Options are left, center and right. The default value is 'center'.

Only two attributes need to be set for the button to work: message and appid. For example,

[fib message="Learn exciting new stuff at example.com!" appid="123456789"]

The shortcode used with all attributes could look like:

[fib title="Invite friends to join" message="Learn exciting new stuff at example.com!" text="Click to invite friends" image="http://example.com" appid="123456789" width="100%" align="center"]

Both the title and message attributes default to 'Invite Friends'.

The text attribute overrides the image attribute.

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