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Plugin Description Time to bring footnotes to your website! footnotes are known from offline publishing and everybody takes them for granted when reading a magazine.
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HELP WANTED! Dear fine footnotes community. Unpredicted challenges in the lives of the footnotes team currently make it impossible to further the development and curation of the plugin. We are proud of you and what we could give you. Turns out our plugin's ships with some kinks, we'd like to address. We therefore need you as a developer to have a look at our code and the forum and help in solving these issues. I'm willing to pay you for helping our users out. This plugin's got about 10% market share in all footnotes related plugins, so we serve a significant part of the community. Please get in touch and assist. Thank you.

Featured on wpmudev: Cheers for the review, folks!

footnotes aims to be the all-in-one solution for displaying an automatically generated list of references on your Page or Post. The Plugin ships with a set of sane defaults but also gives the user control over how their footnotes are being displayed. footnotes gives you the ability to display decently-formated footnotes on your WordPress Pages or Posts (those footnotes we know from offline publishing).

Main Features

  • Fully customizable footnotes shortcode
  • Decide, where your footnotes are displayed (position of the Reference Container)
  • Add custom CSS to style the appeareance of the footnotes
  • Responsive Reference Container
  • Mouse-Over Box with clickable links displays your footnotes text
  • Automatic numbering of your footnotes
  • Choose from a list of symbols to represent your footnotes
  • Display the footnotes Reference Container inside a Widget
  • Button in both the Visual and the Text editor
    • Add footnotes into your Page / Post with ease of use by selecting your text and clicking the button

Example Usage

This is an example. Please note, that you can customize the shortcode you want to use.

  1. Your awesome text((with an awesome footnote))
  2. Your awesome text[ref]with an awesome footnote[/ref]
  3. Your awesome text<fn>with an awesome footnote</fn>
  4. Your awesome text custom-shortcode with an awesome footnote custom-shortcode

Where to get footnotes?

The current version is available on


Please report feature requests, bugs and other support related questions in the WordPress Forums at

Speak your mind, unload your burdens. Notice how we screwed up big time? Bring it to our attention in the above mentioned WordPress Forums. Be polite, though :)


Development of the plugin is an open process. Latest code is available on

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