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Plugin Description Footnotes for WordPress enables easy-to-use fancy footnotes for WordPress posts.
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Footnotes for WordPress is a simple plugin designed with a simple aim in mind: to make it dead-easy to include decently-formatted footnotes in posts and pages on your WordPress blog.

The syntax is roughly based on the common MediaWiki syntax for footnotes, but uses the WordPress shortcode conventions. So, to include a footnote with the text "Text," you use:

This is footnoted.[ref]Text[/ref]

And that's all you need to do. When you add a footnote, Footnotes for WordPress will create a note marker at the point that the foonote appears in the text, and includes the text of the footnote in a styled list of notes down the page. When a reader clicks on the link in a JavaScript-enabled browser, a script included with the plugin will create a small bubble inline in the text, which pops up over the footnote marker for easy reading without losing their place. In non-JavaScript-enabled contexts, clicking on the footnote marker jumps down the page to the text of the note.

The jump is based on an unique anchor which the plugin can automatically generate for you. However, if you want to create a specific ID of your own for the footnote, you can do so using the name="..." attribute:

This is footnoted.[ref name="my-unique-id-1"]Text[/ref]

If you define an ID for a footnote, you can also refer back to the same footnote later on in the document, using the [backref name="..."] shortcode.

This is footnoted.[ref name="source1"]Source 1[/ref]

So is this.[ref name="source2"]Source[/ref]

And this one comes from the same source as the first.[backref name="source1"]

By default, the list of footnotes appears at the bottom of the post. However, if you wish them to appear somewhere above the bottom of the post, for formatting or other reasons, you can do so using the [references/] shortcode:

This is footnoted.[ref]Text[/ref]

As are some[ref]Text[/ref] other things.


See also: Endnotes.

Which will cause the two footnotes to appear beneath the second paragraph but above the "See also:" text.

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