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Plugin Description Extends Woocommerce to allow you to mass-upload and sell stock images. Sell your images professionally and easily.
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Extends woocommerce to allow you to mass-upload and sell stock images. Sell multiple image sizes, licenses, file types, useful for any image market but optimized for illustrators. From grfx, the illustrator network ( )

Reads meta-data from images, streamlining your upload/description process. Huge productivity advantage - no tedious editing.

Good community support, strong SEO.

  • Compatible with Woocommerce and Woocommerce themes: Enjoy the benefits, security, and extensibility of a Woocommerce based store that sells stock images.
  • FTP Support: Bypass the uploader and easily FTP your images.
  • Beautifully watermarks your images: Protect your images with a professional looking watermark - automatically provided or of your creation.
  • Automated image processing: - Set it and forget it. Process thousands of images at once.
  • Set your own licenses: Easily set End User License Agreements (EULA) for your images.
  • Processes image Metadata: Extracts title, keywords, and description from your image files and applies them to your products, saving you time.
  • Illustrator network: Join our illustrator network.
  • Support forums and community:
  • Tested and stable: We've been doing this a long time, and this package is well-tested and stable.

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Available on Github:

grfx (graphics) - the Illustrator's Stock Image Authoring Tool ( )

  • grfx is a specialized open source tool for illustrators and graphic artists to independently publish stock images.
  • grfx empowers you to sell the following: Images, vectors, photoshop files, zip files, and more.
  • grfx supports multiple licenses to sell your files under.
  • grfx is a woocommerce extension. Get Woocommerce here:
  • grfx will automatically take your image uploads and process them straight into ready-made woocommerce stock image products -- it's just like running your own personal stock image agency!
  • grfx is the first open source software spearheading the "indie-stock" movement.
  • grfx can be used with any woocommerce compatible wordpress theme. Get one of those beautiful woocommerce-based themes and really wow your customers with your beautiful site and stock images for sale!

Are you an illustrator or graphic artist? Have you ever heard of stock imaging? See more here:


grfx is layed out and commented as well as possible to help you expand and improve our system. You are very essential to our develpment. Please join the github project and make contributions, file bug reports, and do developer stuff!

Want to see the code docs? They are here:

To ensure a proper environment, we recommend Bluehost or equivelent, since they allow all special functionality required for this plugin.

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