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Iframely brings you the responsive embeds and support of over 1600 domains. It means the embeds will resize, if possible, if you are on responsive theme.

Iframely will detect URLs in your posts and replace it with embed codes for over 1600 domains. Supports all usual suspects such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, GitHub Gists, Google +, Facebook Posts, Storify, SlideShare, well, you know, over 1.6 thousand of them and keeps growing. Here's some samples.

Iframely will also generate and host summary cards for general links, such as articles. API Key is not required, though you can optionally connect your Iframely account, if you need.


You can now publish summary or promo cards with Iframely. Let your links be embedded on other blogs! Let other WordPress blogs re-post from your post just by pasting your link like you do for YouTube. WordPress revolution, here we come!

How to use:

The plugin works the same way the standard oEmbed is supported by WordPress: URL on a separate line.

For example,

Check out this cool video:


That was a cool video.

Iframely also has its own shortcode [iframely]http://your.url/here[/iframely].

Note of caution:

Some people expect Iframely to wrap URLs with <iframe src=...> code. That's not what Iframely is for. The plugin converts original URLs into native embed codes itself.

To keep default embed providers

By default, Iframely will inject itself to be the first embeds provider in the list, thus intercepting all URLs. It means that the default providers that are later in the list won't get called and will thus be disabled.

For example, default YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, other oEmbed plugins that you have (like JetPack), etc.

Although, we should support the same providers and output the same code, just make it responsive, you can still disable such behavior and tell Iframely to only process links that otherwise don't have embed provider.

Just configure this option in your settings. It will essentially put Iframely to be the last in the list, be "a catcher", rather then "an interceptor".

API Key:

API key is optional. You can leave this field empty in your settings. However, if you'd like to connect your Iframely account and adjust how API works - configure your API key. https://iframely.com.

API key is also required if you wish to publish your own embeds through promo cards. See below.

Publish your own embeds:

You can become embeds publisher by making summary cards of promo cards available through oEmbed discovery link. Let other blogs re-post from your post. That's the feature WordPress was missing.


The source code of the plugin is published on GitHub, if you'd like to tweak it yourself. With no API Key, it will use our open oEmbed API. Make sure to tell about this free API to your developer friends.

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