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Plugin Description Lightweight shortcode plugin created specifically for reloading images that are refreshed on a regular basis (for example from live camera feeds)
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Image autorefresh shortcode

Image autorefresh shortcode is a small shortcode plugin for WordPress that allows images in your post that reload on a regular interval

How to use the plugin

After installing and activating of the plugin in your WordPress page, you can add the following shortcode anywhere in your post or page text:

[image-autorefresh src="image-url"]

This will create a left aligned <div> containing your image. It will refresh every 60 seconds.

You can specify a different refresh time

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" refresh_time=10]

Add a caption

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" caption="Your caption"]

Or specify a different alignment (left, right, center or none)

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" align="center"]

Add width and height in pixels

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" width=320 height=240]

Add classes to the image

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" class="your_custom_class"]

Add a custom query string to the image

[image-autorefresh src="image-url" query_string="usr=test_user&password=some_password"]


The shortcode

    caption="A view from Tromsø university"

will generate the following code inside your post:

        d = new Date();
        image = jQuery('img#image_autorefresh_timb8XZCWL');
        image.attr("src","src") + "?" + d.getTime());
    }, 120000);

<div class="wp-caption aligncenter">
    <img src=""
         style="width: 640px;">
    <p class="wp-caption-text">A view from Troms&oslash; university</p>

Which will automatically refresh the live view from Tromsø every 120 seconds

Multiple images

The shortcode allows for multiple images on one page with different refresh rates.

More Information Wordpress Official Plugin Repository

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