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Plugin Description Kitchenbug is the ultimate tool for food bloggers, providing full recipe nutritional analysis, rich-snippets compliance, unit conversion and more.
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Kitchenbug for bloggers is the ultimate tool for wordpress food bloggers who publish recipes. Our team of certified cooks, UX experts, computer engineers, registered dietitians and food bloggers strives continuously to identify food bloggers needs and meet them.

We put an emphasis on a user friendly experience, presenting a recipe, rich with information and capabilities,which is easy to read and use. Yes, it does not take a Ph.D from MIT to enjoy Kitchenbug!

  • The Kitchenbug plugin performs a complete nutritional analysis of your recipe and formats it to comply with rich-snippets standards. In addition, we provide you with many additional cool features such as information regarding any ingredient and built-in scale and servings changes. In order to do this - your recipe will be sent via secure connection to our servers, where it will be analyzed, formatted and returned to you. Write your recipes as you normally do - we'll take care of all of the rest.
  • Please note - In order to use the plugin, analyze and publish recipes, you'll need to register with Facebook or sign up on our website (
  • Automatic recipe analysis is currently only available in English.


  • Detailed Nutritional data on any recipe - The Kitchenbug plugin enables you to provide your readers with comprehensive nutritional information. By facilitating its state-of-the-art technology, the plugin analyzes any recipe and calculates, automatically and immediately, information such as caloric value, fat content, carbohydrates, protein etc. Transparency builds trust and readers for life. Be transparent, provide your readers with nutritional analysis, your readers will appreciate it!
  • Powerful SEO Tool, Generating Tags for search engine Bots - After analyzing the recipe, the plugin automatically tags all the acquired information in compliance with the rich-snippets recipe schema for seo, so that their crawlers can read it, find it and use it for better seo. Note: most Bloggers aren't able to tell how many calories a recipe is worth, or if it fits one of numerous diet plans and more. Thus, even if they know how to program their blog to comply with rich-snippets, they do not have the information to feed the template. In other words - the rich-snippets schema remains an empty template and do not boost SEO. Kitchenbug's plugin solves this. It analyzes a recipe, outputs its missing information and converts it automatically to rich-snippets recipe format standards.
  • Built in Converting US to Metric measurements - Using the Kitchenbug plugin provides your readers with the ability to convert measurements from US to metric units and vice versa.
  • Built in Yield Modification - While most online recipes are designed for four people, in reality we cook for any number of people - five, seven, thirteen etc. Kitchenbug's recipe plugin solves this by providing a yield modification feature for the blogger\'s readers.
  • Ingredient Information - You know of your recipe ingredients, and most of them will know what are cherry tomatoes, but less people know what Ahi is. Use Kitchenbug to provide your readers with information regarding all of your recipe's ingredients. With our plugin your readers can get instant encyclopedia information regarding any ingredient. We provide this in a user friendly bubble format.
  • Print Recipes - The plugin allows blog viewers to print the recipe in a simple, kitchen-ready format.
  • Collect Button - If you wish, blog viewers will be able to collect your recipe to their online recipe box.

The Kitchenbug Plug-in helps you dig into your recipe and get comprehensive nutritional info about the recipe. The plug-in analyzes both the ingredients in the recipe and their quantities and generates nutritional labels for the recipe. These labels may indicate if this recipe fits any diet, religion or health constraint. Moreover the plug-in generates the "Nutrition Facts" table for the recipe and lets you know for each nutrient in the recipe if it is "High", "Low" or "Free". This tool is an opportunity to create a perfect fit of the recipe to your needs. Understanding recipes better has a great value in a world of a growing well-being trend and in light of the fact that more people today seek information about food - whether it is a great recipe, a special diet or a helpful cooking tip.

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