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Plugin Description Sell digital content with LaterPay. It allows super easy and fast payments from as little as 5 cent up to 149.99 Euro at a 15% fee and no fixed costs.
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The LaterPay WordPress plugin offers the following features:


The plugin allows you to set different price types for your blog posts:

  • Global default price: This price is by default applied to all new and existing posts of the blog.
  • Category default price: This price is applied to all new and existing posts in a given category. If a category default price is set, it overwrites the global default price. E.g. setting a category default price of 0.00 Euro, while having set a global default price of 0.49 Euro, makes all posts in that category free.
  • Individual price: This price can be set for each post. It overwrites both the category default price and the global default price for the respective article. E.g. setting an individual price of 0.19 Euro with a category default price of 0.10 Euro and a global default price of 0.00 Euro results in a price for that post of 0.19 Euro.

You may also change the plugin's currency and apply a dynamic pricing scheme to posts:

  • Default Currency: The plugin allows you to set the default currency for your blog. Changing the default currency will not change the prices you have set, but only the currency code that is displayed next to the price.
  • Dynamic Pricing: For every single post, you can set a price curve that changes the price of a blog post over time, starting from the publication date. E.g. you can offer a breaking news post for 0.49 Euro for the first two days and then automatically reduce the price to 0.05 Euro until the fith day to increase your sales.

With time passes, you can sell time-limited access to all the LaterPay content * on your entire website * in a specific category * on your entire website except for a specific category. The user will have access to all the covered content during the validity period and afterwards, this access will expire automatically. Time passes are displayed within a dedicated sidebar widget that automatically sorts available time passes by relevance. Be careful when deleting a time pass: Users, who have bought the respective time pass, will lose the access to the covered content. Deleted time passes cannot be restored.

For each time pass, you can create any number of voucher codes that enable your users to purchase a time pass for a reduced price. A user can enter a voucher code in the time pass sidebar widget by clicking "I have a voucher". The price for the respective time pass will then be updated. Voucher codes are not user specific and can be used for any number of times until you delete them. Deleting a voucher code will not affect the access to time passes which have already been purchased with this code.

The plugin also comes with a mighty bulk price editor: It allows you to change many prices at once by * making all posts free * setting one specific price for all posts * increasing or decreasing the prices of all posts by a specific percentage or absolute amount * resetting all posts to the global default price Whenever possible, the plugin will maintain the current pricing structure: So if possible, after a bulk action * posts with individual price will still use the individual price * posts with category default price will still use the category default price and * posts with global default price will still use the global default price.

If you change all prices by a certain percentage, the lower limit is always 0.05 EUR - so rounding will never accidentally make posts free.


  • LaterPay button: Each post with a price > 0.00 Euro automatically contains a LaterPay button at the beginning of the post content. You can choose to not show this button and instead render it from within your theme by calling within your theme.
  • Teaser content: Every post you sell with LaterPay has to contain a teaser. The teaser is shown to the user before he has purchased a post. The plugin automatically generates teaser content by taking the first 120 words of every existing post. You can refine the teaser content on the ‘Add / Edit Post’ page.

You have the choice between two presentation modes for your teaser content:

  • Teaser only: This mode shows only the teaser with an unobtrusive purchase link below.
  • Teaser + overlay: This mode shows the teaser, an excerpt of the full content under a semi-transparent overlay that briefly explains LaterPay's benefits. The plugin never loads the full content before a user has bought it.

The plugin provides two shortcodes that will allow you to sell additional content directly from within another post:

  • [laterpay_premium_download] renders a 300px x 300px box containing information about a linked premium content and a LaterPay purchase button. A user can purchase the linked content directly via this shortcode. You can sell attachments from your WordPress media library or other posts via a shortcode. If a user purchases an attachment via a shortcode, it will be downloaded after the purchase. If he purchases another post, he will be redirected to that post after the purchase.
  • [laterpay_box_wrapper] aligns multiple [laterpay_premim_download] boxes. Please note: Shortcodes and the respective parameters are extensively documented in the "appearance" tab.

Furthermore, the plugin provides:

  • Content Rating: If you enable content rating, users who have purchased a post, will be able to rate it on a five star scale. Users, who haven't bought a post yet will see a summary of all prior ratings below the LaterPay purchase button.
  • LaterPay invoice indicator: The plugin provides a code snippet you can insert into your theme that displays the user's current LaterPay invoice total and provides a direct link to his LaterPay user backend. You don't have to integrate this snippet, but we recommend it for transparency reasons.
  • Support for all standard post types and custom post types.
  • Full localization: The plugin is fully localized for English and German.


File protection: The plugin secures files in paid posts against downloading them via a shared direct link. So even if a user purchases a post and shares the direct link to a contained file, other users won't be able to access that file, unless they've already bought the post.

Crawler Friendliness

  • Social media: The plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ crawlers, so it won't hurt your social media reach.
  • Google and Google News: The plugin also supports Google and Google News crawlers. They will never have access to the full content but only to your teaser content. So depending on the presentation mode you've chosen, Google will access only the teaser content or the teaser content plus an excerpt of the full content.

Caching Compatibility

The plugin automatically detects if one of the available WordPress caching plugins (WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Cachify, are active and sets the config-key caching.compatible_mode accordingly. If the site is in page caching compatibly mode, the post page is rendered without the actual post content, which the plugin then requests using Ajax. If the user has not purchased the post already, only the teaser content and the purchase button are displayed.

Test and Live Mode

  • Test mode: The test mode lets you test your plugin configuration. While providing the full plugin functionality, no real transactions are processed. We highly recommend to configure and test the integration of the LaterPay WordPress plugin into your site on a test system, not on your production system.
  • Live mode: After integrating and testing the plugin, you might want to start selling content and process real transactions. Mail us the signed merchant contract and the necessary identification documents and we will send you LaterPay API credentials for switching your plugin to live mode.


If you open a post as a logged-in admin (or user with adequate rights), you will see a statistics tab with the following data about the respective post:

  • Total sales: The total number of sales of this particular post
  • Total revenue: The total revenue of this particular post
  • Today's revenue
  • Today's visitors
  • Today's conversion rate: The share of visitors that actually purchased
  • History charts for sales, revenue, and conversion rate of the last 30 days

Please note that the provided statistics are only indicators and not binding in any way.

Roles and Capabilities

Some plugin features may not be available for certain user roles, based on the WordPress model of roles and capabilities:

  • Subscribers (and regular, non-registered visitors): cannot change any plugin settings
  • Contributors: can edit the teaser content and see the statistics of their own posts
  • Authors: can additionally edit the individual prices of their own posts
  • Editors: can edit the teaser content and individual prices of all posts and can see the statistics of all posts
  • Super Admins and Admins: Can additionally access the plugin backend, edit the plugin settings and (un-)install and (de-)activate the LaterPay WordPress plugin.
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