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Plugin Description Gets started building a plugin using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate in seconds, not hours. Speed up your development.
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This is a plugin for WordPress plugin developers. If you don't understand what PHP, HTML, CSS, add_action and apply_filters are then this plugin is not for you!

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is a fantastic tool for standardising WordPress plugins, and encouraging developers to use best practices. But manual editing of every file to enter the name of the plugin, the author name and all the other metadata is a bit of a chore. This plugin automates that process, giving you a simple form to enter your metadata, then when you hit the 'Build' button your new plugin is created with all the correct metadata.

But there's more. You can also define Custom Post Types and even other custom classes which will have .php files created automatically, and all the relevant code to include those files in your plugin. Once your plugin is built you can, of course, edit the files in any way you want to add extra methods.

Plugin Builder will even create a manager class for your Custom Post Types if you want, as a place to store methods related to your CPTs - such as a get_all() method, for example.

And that's not all. Some developers like to include extra items in their plugins, like utility classes or frameworks such as the WordPress Settings Framework. Plugin Builder automates that process, too, by downloading and including the files you choose in your new plugin.

Plugin Builder comes with a range of these additional includes you can choose from, but if there are other items you want to include you can make those part of the build process really easily (by extending a simple interface and using a filter).

So, let's look at the traditional way of using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to create a new plugin:

  1. Download the Boilerplate and extract it
  2. Rename all the files using your plugin name (e.g. 'class-plugin-name.php' to 'class-my-plugin.php')
  3. Go through all the files and replace the metadata with your plugin details (name, slug, author, URIs etc)
  4. Create your CPT class and the registration code,
  5. Add the code to include the CPT file and register the CPT with WordPress
  6. Create a custom class
  7. Add the code to include your custom class file
  8. Download your favourite utility files to your plugin folder
  9. Add the code to include your utility files in your plugin

Or, using Plugin Builder:

  1. Enter the details of your plugin (name and description - the slug and class name are automatically created)
  2. Enter the details of your Custom Post Type (name and description, whether you want a manager class creating)
  3. Enter the details of your custom class (name and description)
  4. Check the box next to any utility files you want to be included
  5. Press 'Build'

My guess is Plugin Builder will save you 2-4 hours work, and make your plugins much more standard in their architecture.

When your plugin is built the settings for it will be saved so you can rebuild your plugin at any time (this will overwrite any changes you've made manually) or make a few changes and create a new plugin.

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