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Plugin Description Create verified polls and petitions that enable users to send results to US Elected Officials, Govermt. Agencies, Corporations and 20,000 Journalists
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Qbloc by Qwanz is a free plug in that allows you to easily create polls and petitions which can be embedded on your site or blog.

Qbloc provides you with demographic insights about your readers, (age, gender, location), expands the reach of your content, and brings you new traffic, all while enabling users to get heard by decision makers and making your site a "go to" place where visitors can go daily, knowing their opinions counts.

Qbloc benefits WordPress sites and their users by:

  • Providing validated poll results through a mandatory but quick registration process (username, password, email) or by using Facebook Connect.

  • Giving your readers a voice and empowering them to make a difference, by letting them automatically submit your poll results to the decision makers of their choice, including U.S. elected officials, government agencies, corporations and over 20,000 journalists worldwide.

  • Enabling you to create your own poll or select one from the thousands of polls already in our database, many from leading websites with significant votes already.

  • Allowing the poll you selected or created to be fully customized with an image, a logo, fonts, colors, borders, sizes, type of poll, number of responses, registration requirements, duration, etc.

  • Expanding the reach of your content and brand exposure when others embed your polls and drive additional visitors to your site.

  • Letting you better understand your audience by getting feedback by age, gender and location through an optional extended registration.

  • Allowing users to compare their opinion with others who have similar demographic characteristics.

  • Offering Qzip, a Qbloc hidden in a link titled See what people think which fits anywhere in your content and when clicked opens into your fully customized poll, closing when re-clicked.

  • Giving more content and instant feedback to readers on issues they care about

  • Increasing engagement and time on site by sparking new conversations related to your content.

  • Making your site a "go to" place where visitors can actively give their opinions on daily events.

  • Providing a more flexible alternative to existing petition tools by showing all sides of an issue, and allowing users to send results to the decision makers of their choice or to the journalist that can trumpet their cause further.

  • Enabling petition polls to be shared and embedded on many sites to gather votes and support.

  • Saving or reducing expenses as all our tools are completely free

With Qbloc site readers can get instant feedback on people‘s opinions; find out what users with similar demographics to their own think about an issue and share poll results across the web.

Qblocs are not just effective opinion gathering polls, they are also actionable petition tools that use the power of the web to leverage feedback, ...because one voice may not be heard but thousands together cannot be ignored ™.

Additional features

  • Designed to fit between a site's content and comments section, or anywhere else on a site.
  • Saves your detailed customization for future usage.
  • Allows as many answers as needed, with 250 characters per answer, or the quick use of preset Yes/No/Other or Like it/Don't like it/Not sure answers.
  • You can collect unlimited votes and create unlimited polls.
  • Embeddable by anyone... allowing your poll to go viral!
  • Available in English, French and Spanish.
  • Offers your own My Qwanz activities page showing polls you created, or that are in development
  • One-click sharing to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Available through Qwanz' site and its Android and iPhone mobile apps, which give your polls more exposure and makes them available anywhere any time.

About Qwanz

Qwanz is a fun, easy to use platform for daily democratic participation. If you're on Qwanz, you're a game-changer, a world-shaper, a political gangster; you have opinions, you have a voice, and you want to be heard.

You've got your go-to news outlets right? Various sources where you get your information? Of course, we all do. But, here's a question: Where's your public opinion outlet?

Qwanz is designed to fill that void in the democratic landscape. We're a hub for public recourse, a place for you to react to the day's latest and greatest, to test the claims you've heard in popular media, to propose your own solutions for the public to consider, and, above all else, to GET INVOLVED.

We thought about petition sites, and how thousands, even millions of people coming together in protest can be a powerful force of change. But a protest is one-sided it only accounts for the people who feel one way on an issue. A poll, on the other hand, reveals the whole composition. It can be used constructively, to prove public sentiment, and to call for change just the same way as a petition, but without all the limitations.

Here on Qwanz, you make a poll, take a poll, vote, comment, debate, engage, and then you can go a step further. QWANZ IT. Send poll results directly from the site to where you think they should go, public officials, corporations, government agencies, or any one of 20,000 journalists with stakes in the question at hand.

We provide you with the concept, the tools, the platform, and the network.

This is Qwanz. How will you use it?

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