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Plugin Description Redirect Pages/Posts to another page/post or external URL. Has edit box as well as global options. Specify the redirect Location and type. For PHP5+
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Version 5.0.7. This plugin adds adds an option box to the edit section where you can specify the redirect location and type of redirect that you want, temporary, permanent, or meta. See below for additional features added.

This plugin works best when you have some form of Permalink Stucture set up. If you have other Redirect plugins installed, it is recommeded that you use only one redirect plugin or they may conflict or one may take over before the other can do its job.


  • Works with WordPress Menus
  • Works with WordPress Custom Post Types (set option on settings page)
  • You can set a redirect page or menu link to open in a new window (will not work on permalinks)
  • You can add a rel="nofollow" attribute to the page or menu link of the redirect (will not work on permalinks)
  • You can completely re-write the URL for the redirect so it takes the place of the default page URL (rewrite the href link)
  • You can redirect without needing to create a Page or Post. This is very useful for sites that were converted to WordPress and have old links that create 404 errors (see FAQs for more information). This option does not allow for open in a new window or nofollow functions.
  • Redirect Location can be to another WordPress page/post or any other website with an external URL.
  • Redirect can use a full URL path, the post or page ID, permalink or page-name (not available for Quick Redirects method).
  • Option Screen to set global overrides like turning off all redirects at once, setting a global destination link, make all redirect open in a new window, etc.
  • View a summary of all redirected pages/posts or custom post types and Quick Redirects that are currently set up.
  • Plugin Clean up functions for those who decide they may want to remove all plugin data.
  • Import/Export of redirects for backup, or to bulk add redirects.
  • Built-in FAQs/Help that can be updated daily with relevant questions.

What You CANNOT Do:

  • This plugin does not have wildcard redirect features
  • You cannot redirect the Home (Posts) page - unless you set a page as the home page and redirect that.
  • If your theme uses some form of custom layout or funcitonality, some features may not work.

This plugin is not compatible with WordPress versions less than 3.9. Requires PHP 5.2+.

PLEASE NOTE: A new page or post needs to be Published in order for Page/Post redirect to happen. It WILL work on a DRAFT Status Post/Page ONLY, and I mean ONLY, if the Post/Page has FIRST been Published and the re-saved as a Draft. This does not apply to Quick Redirects.


  • To include custom post types, check the setting on the main plugin option page.
  • If you check the box for "Show Redirect URL below" on the edit page, please note that you MUST use the full URL in the Redirect URL box. If you do not, you may experience some odd links and 404 pages, as this option changes the Permalink for the page/post to the EXACT URL you enter in that field. (i.e., if you enter '2' in the field, it will redirect to 'http://2' which is not the same as 'http://yoursite.com/?p=2').
  • If your browser tells you that your are in an infinite loop, check to make sure you do not have pages redirecting to another page that redirects back to the initial page. That WILL cause an infinite loop.
  • If you are using the Quick Redirects method to do your redirects, be sure that your Request URL starts with a / and is relative to the root (i.e., http://mysite.com/test/ would have /test/ in the request field).
  • Links in page/post content and Permalinks will not open in a new window or add the rel=nofollow. That is because the theme template actually sets up the links by calling "the_permalink()" function so adding these elements is not consistently possible. You can however, have the attempt to use a jQuery replace to try to fix the issue - to do this enable the jQuery option in the settings.
  • If your page or post is not redirecting, this is most likely because something else like the theme functions file or another plugin is outputting the header BEFORE the plugin can perform the redirect. This can be tested by turning off all plugins except the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin and testing if the redirect works. 9 out of 10 times, a plugin or bad code is the culprit.
  • We have tested the plugin in dozens of themes and alongside a whole lot more plugins. In our experience, (with exception to a few bugs from time to time) most of the time another plugin is the problem. If you do notice a problem, please let us know at plugins@fischercreativemedia.com - along with the WP version, theme you are using and plugins you have installed - and we will try to troubleshoot the problem.
  • Check the FAQs/Help located in the Plugin menu for more up to date issues and fixes.
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