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Plugin Description Boosting user engagement through gamification, beyond badges and leaderboards.
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Rewardial Engagement is an on-line reader loyalty plug-in for WordPress websites. It functions on gamification principles, which means applying game-like mechanics in real life processes. Within Rewardial Engagement, on-line readers can join a collectibles hunt game where:

  • They feel rewarded for their time spent on-line via credits earned for meaningful actions;
  • They enjoy the thrill of discovery when spending their credits to acquire surprise collectibles;
  • They feel socially engaged while connecting with other website users to exchange duplicate collectibles.
Key plug-in features
  1. Configurable RPG-style reader profile (RPG = Role Playing Game)
  2. Rewards system with configurable actions priorities
  3. Configurable collectibles categories
  4. Non-intrusive advertising options

1. Configurable RPG-style reader profile

As readers interact with your website, they receive Rewardial credits for meaningful actions such as: Daily login / Read article / Comment / Facebook Like / Facebook Share. Based on the earned credits, readers can track their engagement levels via a set of attributes. The primary attribute is the Fame (which is an overall characteristic of the user and is non-modifiable). Besides Fame, users may acquire points and subsequently be ranked upon 3 more attributes. We provide a set of pre-configured attributes as follows:

  • Knowledge - by default updated on each Read action
  • Social - by default updated on the First login and Comment actions
  • Persuasion - by default updated on the Facebook Like and Facebook Share actions

But unlike the Fame attribute, these 3 are modifiable in case the website owner finds a more appropriate wording based on his or her users profiles. For example, on a "healthy food" blog you may want to replace Knowledge with Chef and Persuasion with Health advocate.

2. Rewards system with configurable actions priorities

Rewardial can so far track and reward the following user actions:

  • First login
  • Read article
  • Comment article
  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Share

We provide a default setup on how rewards are allocated for each action. But this setup is customizable by the publisher, depending on his/her needs on how actions function should drive user dynamics. For example - community building requires a lot of readers' interaction. To encourage readers to communicate more with the website and among themselves, the publisher may choose to prioritize the "Comment article" action and allocate a higher reward versus other actions.

For each action, the priority may be assigned from a drop-down list. The priority determines:

  • The number of credits the user will acquire for performing the action.
  • An equal number of Fame points which are awarded to the user for performing the action.
  • An equal number of points that can be distributed amongst the other 3 user attributes.

The following priorities are available:

  • Critical, meaning 20 Credits & 20 Fame & 20 other attributes points
  • High, meaning 15 Credits & 15 Fame & 15 other attributes points
  • Medium, meaning 10 Credits & 10 Fame & 10 other attributes points
  • Low, meaning 5 Credits & 5 Fame & 5 other attributes points

3. Configurable collectibles categories

Although readers may choose to simply earn Rewardial credits for the sake of tracking their "performance" versus other website users, we actually encourage them to engage on a higher level, by participating in a collectibles hunt game. Collectibles are images of any kind (depending on various users' interests) displayed on a stamp-like canvas and accompanied by a short wiki article. Similar to real life, the Rewardial shop does not sell the collectibles per se, but "stamp envelopes", where the list of collectibles is randomly generated from within the list of collections attached to the website. Apart from the surprise element:

  • It then becomes more difficult and hence a challenge for the user to complete the collections. Psychologically, we humans enjoy the sense of completion and don't like "unfinished businesses". So, once the users will start a collection, they will be eager to come back to your website for more credits > envelopes > collectibles, until they complete that collection.
  • Users acquire duplicates of available collectibles. Again, similar to real life, users will be able to trade duplicates within the community. While they may resort to this trade channel as a means of completing collections with the missing images, they are at the same time connecting with each other and creating stronger bonds within the community.

To foster readers' engagement in the collectibles hunt game, publishers are encouraged to configure the collectibles categories that will be on sale in their Rewardial Engagement shop, according to their readers' interests. We want readers to become engaged in the game based on their likes and passions, offering them meaningful rewards that they will enjoy to discover and collect. So far we've implemented a few categories - Plants / Painting / Sculpture / Sports / Crafts, but many more are planned to be added. At any time, the plug-in shop may offer your readers 3 "envelopes" (collectibles categories). You may rotate categories every 30 days. Out of the 3 envelopes available in the plug-in shop, one may be a website branded envelope. The difference between standard Rewardial envelopes and branded ones is that the former will be available for use by all our partner websites, while the latter will only be available in the shop on the website that owns it. Hence, to complete the respective collections, users would always have to come back to the owner website for more branded envelopes.

4. Non-intrusive advertising options

Rewardial aims at creating an environment where on-line advertising becomes a true work of art, one that will be appreciated and collected by the readers, rather than intrusive and blocked (as most classical on-line advertising is today). As opposed to the flashy banners and annoying pop-ups and overlays, we are offering the basis for creating innovative brand awareness and long-term advertising campaigns, via advertising collections. Once on-line readers are used to the "picture / text" type of collectible, you will be able to up-sell you advertising customers via nicely packaged brand storytelling messages that will be sought and collected by the readers. For more details on this topic, please contact us at

What should be the effect of using Rewardial Engagement?

Through its set of functionalities, Rewardial Engagement aims at improving important KPIs for on-line publishing, such as:

  • Improved DAU / MAU - by encouraging users to return daily on the website (via rewarding the First login)
  • Increased number of Pageviews - by rewarding the Read action
  • Increased Average time on site - since the collectibles shop and trade will run on the "host" website
  • Improved social media presence - by rewarding the Facebook Like and Facebook Share actions
  • Options of non-intrusive advertising - you may be able to up-sell your advertising customers by using custom made advertising collections for users to interact with the brands.
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