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Plugin Description Twittee enables visitors to tweet your keyword rich content on Twitter. Add Twittee shortcode to post and let your visitors do the rest. Easy!
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Please visit the homepage for a short video: Twittee Text Tweet

Twittee Text Tweet is now available in Spanish; our many thanks to the dedicated translator that made a Spanish l10n possible.

Twittee Text Tweet moves beyond the standard Twitter share button. It gives you complete control over the tweet content distributed throughout the Twitter communities. Your personal branding and keyword rich content can be distributed by your visitors in copy format. The plugin enables you to write compelling tweets that include hashtags (#), at sign (@) and Twitter abbreviation like HT (hat tip). Your visitors will love the ease of posting your tweets to their timeline. Visitors can add their own personal touch by editing your tweets personalizing your content to taste.

Here's how it works. Twittee generates short code to insert into your post. The first textbox is your tweet. This is the message your visitors will be tweeting to their Twitter communities. Make this tweet about family, your vacation, humorous, about food, your business or product. Whatever the tweet, make it keyword rich and use the most appropriate attention grabbers available in the Twitter Glossary.

The second textbox is your keyword that will be hyperlinked to your Tweet Action window. This is the window that will contain your tweet and link to your post for visitor review. A press of the button and your tweet is on its way.

The third textbox is the compelling description of your tweet. Write a great description. Action-oriented language is best. Use a call to action; this is exactly what a good description is. Verbs like "Laugh", "Share", or "Discover" will motivate visitors to post your tweet to their timeline. Be sure to follow up with exactly how the community will benefit by tweeting your content. Write a short preview of the tweet telling the reader why they should share your content with their Twitter community. This is your chance to tell your visitors what you have to offer and why your content is informative and valuable.

NOTE: Tweets are only 140 characters long. The tweet textbox is limited to 140 characters. However, you must account for the URL of your post page. It will count towards the 140 character limit. I am working on a URL shortened option for Twittee Text Tweet. I just don't know how it will be received by visitors. I know they like to use their own URL shortener for tracking their tweets. Your suggestions are welcome; please contact me with your thoughts.

Each Twittee shortcode should have an ID. For best practice it is best to have a Shortcode ID for each generation. It is not necessary for individual shortcode in a post, however, if you go back later to insert another shortcode, it will have to have an ID.

Lastly, choose the position and theme of the word balloon. This is the word balloon that will contain your compelling description. Generate your shortcode - cut and paste into your post. Enjoy and Thank You!

  • NOTE: All feedback and suggestions are welcome. I am constantly looking for ways to improve and upgrade Twittee Text Tweet. Please contact me with your ideas for a better plugin.

  • NOTE: Twittee Text Tweet is I18n ready. I am proud to make Twittee Text Tweet available to users throughout the world in their native language. If you are interested in translating Twittee Text Tweet in your language, please send me an email. Thank you.

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