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Plugin Description Become your website's presenter. Personally engage with your visitors in less than 5 minutes using VideoStir plugin. Improve conversion rate!
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The VideoStir plugin lets you add borderless, transparent background videoclips to your WordPress website. Theese clips, generated automatically by removing the background from your videos, float over the rest of the content of your page/post. You can use the Videostir plugin to become your own "video spokesperson", to create the most effective Video Calls to Action ever, or in many, many more ways (see some examples). Use your personal touch to talk directly to your customers or to invite them to do whatever you need them to - without sacrificing real estate on your pages/posts to embed a big video player.


Your floating clips are fully customizable, and interactive. You can decide how the clip will behave, and what will happen if someone clicks on it - for more information, see here.

How it works

VideoStir transforms your videos into interactive, transparent background videoclips that you can run on top of your pages/posts. The process is automatic and takes 3 steps which take on average 5 minutes. You can use any camera to record the video you want to transform into a floating videoclip - including, of course, your smartphone's camera - and all you need to do is shoot it in front of a uniform color background (a white wall, a blue sky - any color will do) following our basic guidelines. That's it! Upload your video, witness the engine's magic happening and then use your newly generated videoclip on any page/post of your WordPress site.

Please note: - No green screen needed - No professional equipment needed

In a nutshell

  1. Record a video - just make sure to follow our guidelines for best results (one-colored wall etc.)
  2. Go through 3 simple steps (Upload, Tune, Enjoy) - In a few minutes our VideoStir engine will have created a background-less floating clip for you
  3. Embed your floating clip into your WordPress site - Just assign your videoclip(s) to the pages/posts of your choice using the plugin.

See for yourself in our demo!

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how to use this plugin

We will be happy to support you and even improve your clip if needed. Just drop us a line at and we will take it from there.

Shy Frenkel

CEO - VideoStir LTD

P.s. We are working on an experimental feature, "Follow me". "Follow me" takes your website visitors on a tour on your website. While your floating clip is running in the foreground, the webpage in the background is changed following a timeline that suits what is said in the clip. See it action (from your PC): Shy Frenkel - VideoStir CEO talk about this feature.

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