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Plugin Description WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters - advanced AJAX product filters plugin for WooCommerce.
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WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters - advanced AJAX product filters plugin for WooCommerce. Add unlimited filters with one widget.


  • AJAX Filters, Pagination and Sorting!
  • Unlimited Filters
  • Multiple User Interface Elements
  • SEO Friendly Urls ( with HTML5 PushState )
  • Filter Visibility By Product Category And Globals.
  • Accessible through shortcode
  • Filter box height limit with scroll themes
  • Working great with custom widget area
  • Drag and Drop Filter Building
  • And More...

Additional Features in Paid Plugin:

  • Filter by Attribute, Tag and Custom Taxonomy
  • Customize filters look through admin
  • Tag Cloud for Tag filter
  • Slider can use strings as a value
  • Filters can be collapsed by clicking on title, option to collapse filter on start
  • Price Filter Custom Min and Max values
  • Add custom CSS on admin settings page
  • And More...

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How It Works:

check installation

In recent updates:

  • Jump to first page when filter changed
  • Option to add text before and after price input fields
  • Now only used values must be shown, not all
  • Products are limited by category we are in
  • Products amount on the first page fixed
  • Custom CSS class can be added per widget/filter
  • Update button - if added products will be updated only when user click Update button
  • Radio-box can be unselected by clicking it again
  • Minor fixes


  • In editor [br_filters attribute=price type=slider title="Price Filter"]
  • In PHP do_shortcode('[br_filters attribute=price type=slider title="Price Filter"]');

Shortcode Options:

  • attribute(required) - product attribute, eg price or length. Don't forget that woocommerce adding pa_ suffix for created attributes. So if you create new attribute jump its name is pa_jump
  • type(required) - checkbox, radio, slider or select
  • operator - OR or AND
  • title - whatever you want to see as title. Can be empty
  • product_cat - parent category id
  • cat_propagation - should we propagate this filter to child categories? set 1 to turn this on
  • height - max filter box height. When height is met scroll will be added
  • scroll_theme - pretty clear name, scroll theme. Will be used if height is set and real height of box is more

Advanced Settings (Widget area):

  • Product Category - if you want to pin your filter to category of the product this is good place to do it. Eg. You selling Phones and Cases for them. If user choose Category "Phones" filter "Have Wi-Fi" will appear but if user will choose "Cases" it will not be there as Admin set that "Have Wi-Fi" filter will be visible only on "Phones" category.
  • Filter Box Height - if your filter have too much options it is nice to limit height of the filter to not prolong the page too much. Scroll will appear.
  • Scroll theme - if "Filter Box Height" is set and box length is more than "Filter Box Height" scroll appear and how it looks depends on the theme you choose.

Advanced Settings (Plugin Settings):

  • Plugin settings can be found in admin area, WooCommerce -> Product Filters
  • "No Products" message - Text that will be shown if no products found
  • "No Products" class - Add class and use it to style "No Products" box
  • Products selector - Selector for tag that is holding products
  • Sorting control - Take control over WooCommerce's sorting selectbox
  • SEO friendly urls - url will be changed when filter is selected/changed
  • Turn all filters off - If you want to hide filters without losing current configuration just turn them off
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