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Plugin Description Provides the ability to profile users academically and create categories of academic people. View a list of projects, publications, and research areas
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With this plugin you can now use WordPress effectively for a research group website or alumni website by associating additional academic information to selected users.

** Features **

  • Upgrade and downgrade a user to academic user.
  • View list of users with profile pictures and academic information.
  • Categorize your users.
  • Add and remove projects and categorize them into research areas.
  • Add publications and categorize them.

You can create categories of academic people. For example, your research group has a group for 'social network research' and another group for 'A.I. neurological research', and you want to list people working on each group separately. That's now possible with this plugin.

You can also categorize your projects into research areas. Like a research area 'Computer Engineering' has the two previously mentioned projects, 'social network research' and 'A.I. neurological research'.

Users can attach all of the following details to their accounts:

  • Academic phone number
  • Website
  • Academic email
  • Current job
  • Bachelor degree area, institution, and year
  • Master degree area, institution, and year
  • Ph.D. area, institution, and year
  • Academic biography
  • Address

Admin will have to explicitly select users and upgrade them to academic users. Those users will be able to edit their academic profiles accordingly by accessing the 'wp-admin/' directory.

To show academic users you will have to use '[academic-people-list]' shortcode in any page or post. Optionally, you can specify the 'category' and 'show_cat' attributes. Here is how to use it:

  • [academic-people-list]: All users from all academic categories and will show list of categories
  • [academic-people-list category='CATEGORY 1' show_cat='false']: Users from CATEGORY 1 and will not show list of categories
  • [academic-people-list category='Group A']: Users from Group A and will show list of categories

You can also use the follow shortcodes:

  • [academic-research-areas]: To view list of research areas. This is used for research groups.
  • [academic-projects]: To view list of projects. You can use the 'research_area' attribute here to list all projects under that particular research area. e.g. [academic-research-areas research_area='research area 1']
  • [academic-publications]: view list of publications. The 'type' attribute is available for viewing certain type of publications.

For profile pictures to work correctly, you'll have to use the User Photo plugin.

You can request additional features on this plugin WordPress forum.

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