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Plugin Description WP e-Commerce Catalog Visibility and Email Inquiry transform WP e-Commerce into an online brochure with Product Email Inquiry button and pop-up form.
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WP e-Commerce Catalog Visibility and Email Inquiry Lite Version allows you to fine tune the e-commerce accessibility on your WP e-Commerce store by setting 'Rules' that apply to all site visitors. Fine tune access to the e-commerce function for logged in users by assigning the Rules to WordPress user roles.

Add a space saving and impressive pop-up email inquiry form to your product offering. Pop-up Email Inquiry form is 100% mobile responsive and displays the form beautifully in any mobile in portrait or landscape.

Catalog Visibility Rules

  • Product Page Rule: Hide 'Add to Cart'

    • Turn ON | OFF for not logged in users
    • Apply Rule by user role to logged in users.
  • Product Page Rule: Show Email Inquiry Button

    • Turn ON | OFF for not logged in users
    • Apply Rule by user role to logged in users

Apply Rules to Roles

Fine tune your entire Catalog visibility by * 'Apply Rules to Roles' - Configure which user roles each Rule is to Apply too. Fine grained control over what your account holders can see and access once they are logged into your site.

Product Page Rule - Hide 'Add to Cart'

  • Turn the Rule ON and Hide the add to cart feature from all not logged in users.
  • Use Roles to give selected users grouped by Roles access to full store functionality.

Product Page Rule - Show Email Inquiry Button

WP e-Commerce Catalog Visibility and Email Inquiry Lite Version uses the WordPress email config and requires no external email plugin. Features

  • Instantly add a Product Email Inquiry button to every product page.
  • Option to use hyperlinked text instead of a Button.
  • Email Inquiry form is a pop up form. It is a beautifully elegant Email Product Inquiry solution that takes up no room on your product page.
  • Mobile responsive Pop-up auto resizes to any phone screen size - portrait or landscape.
  • Email Contact form breaks down to show beautifully in any mobile device.
  • Use 'Rules and Roles' setting to customize who can see the Email Inquiry button once they are logged in.
  • Set the receiver email address.
  • Set a receiver cc email address
  • Fully customizable Sent success message shows as a pop-up on screen after inquiry is submitted.
  • Use the WordPress text editor (WYSIWYG and HTML) to style the success message (see image under the Screenshots tab on this page).

Featuring Sass (Simply Awesome Stylesheets)

  • All the front end style display is created via Sass for faster loader and render.
  • Sass is the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language in the world.
  • This plugins backend admin panels are created in Sass.

WP e-Commerce Version Compatibility

Please note that WP e-Commerce Catalog Visibility and Email Inquiry requires that you have WP e-Commerce version 3.8.9 and after to work. Older versions of WP e-Commerce do not support the functions to hook the email inquiry button to the add to cart button.

WP e-Commerce Theme Compatibility

Whilst you might have version 3.8.9 your theme may still use an earlier version of code. For the Product Page Rules Hide Add to Cart and Show Email Inquiry button to work on the single product pages and product cards the theme must have these 2 core WP e-Commerce functions:

  • code do_action('wpsc_product_form_fields_begin')
  • do_action('wpsc_product_form_fields_end')

in these files:

  • wpsc-grid_view.php
  • wpsc-list_view.php
  • wpsc-products_page.php
  • wpsc-single_product.php

Mobile Responsive App style admin interface

  • 100% compatible with WordPress v3.8.0 admin interface.
  • Sass app style admin inteface.
  • Admin interface is optimized for mobiles and tablets.

a3rev Plugins Lite & Pro Version Admin Interface

  • All a3rev Lite Version plugins have exactly the same admin interface as the Pro Version.
  • Pro Version features and settings are inside of a Yellow border.
  • The Pro Version settings are all active on the admin panels But do not save and are not applied to the front end.
  • Upgrading to the Pro version activates all the Pro version Features and Settings and removes the Yellow side bar and borders.

Lite Version Support

  • As a Lite Version user please post all support requests to the plugins WordPress Support forum.
  • We do not watch that forum and posting there you will be relying on another user for support, not an a3rev team member.
  • Upgrading to a Pro Version gives 'write' access to the a3rev support forum.

= Premium Support =

The a3rev team does not provide support for the WPEC Catalog Visibility and Email plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One on one developer support is available via the plugins a3rev support forum to people who have purchased a WPEC Catalog Visibility and Email Pro plugin Lifetime License.

The Pro Version has lots of extra features that coupled with developer support might be well worth your investment!

Pro Version

The PRO version advanced features include:

Hide Product Prices

  • Includes the additional Product Page Rule: Hide Product Prices.
  • Per Product Page Customization. Customize Product Page Rules for every individual product from the Product page Email and Cart meta.
  • Gives you tremendous flexibility in setting up a mixed 'add to cart' and product brochure store.

Sass #dynamic {stylesheets}

  • All the front end style display is created via Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} for faster loader and render.
  • Completely Customize the look and feel of the plugins front end display without touching the code.
  • Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} Email Inquiry button creator - create unique button style.
  • Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} pop-up form creator - style your email pop-up form without touching the code.
  • Option to show the Email Inquiry Button or Hyperlink text on product card (Grid View)

Additional Email Inquiry options

  • Option to allow the sender to send a copy of the Email Inquiry form they are submitting to themselves.
  • Set Email Sender Options - Set the email 'From Name' and 'From Email Address'

And for ultimate control:

Custom Single Product Page behaviour

  • Customize Catalog visibility settings and email inquiry settings on any single product page.
  • Over-ride any of the global Catalog Visibility options from the product page.
  • Change the Email Inquiry form primary recipient and cc recipient
  • Change Button for linked text and visa versa - Change button title or link text.
  • Only show this products settings on the single product page or on all catalog listing thumbnails.


  • English (default) - always included. *.po file (wpec_pcf.po) in languages folder for translations.
  • If you do a translation for your site please send it to us for inclusion in the plugin language folder. We'll acknowledge your work here. Go here to send your translation files to us.

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