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Plugin Description Makes a preview-pic out of the short youtube-id, uses fancybox or prettyPhoto
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Gives you a shortcode for Youtube-Videos and makes a preview-pic for this Video and realizes to watch the video with fancybox for wordpress oder prettyPhoto or in a extra tab. You choose, what you want.

The URL ist for example: The shortcode is

[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk"]
[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk" tit="Vemma Strategie Deutsch"]
[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk" tit="Vemma Strategie Deutsch" x="800" y="488"]
[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk" x="800" y="488" ppic="2"]
[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk" ppic="default"]
[ytcode ytid="XmRLJ4XvpZk" fso="v"]
  • Options:
  • float="left|none|right" if float is none, you can choose the alignment:

  • align="left|center|right"

  • fso="h|v|n" horizontal, vertical, none filmstripes

  • ppic="default|1|2|3" takes the previewpic from youtube. This are the four possible picture-names.

  • vb="prettyphoto|fancybox|blank" if installed it uses prettyphoto or fancybox. Or it opens the video in a new tab (target="_blank")

  • pfeil="FF0000" the color of the arrow is now red

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