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Theme Website "Http://slocumthemes.com/wordpress-themes/epic-free/", used in 8 websites including DELIRES-EN-FETES.COM PUBLICWIRE.COM HOW4FREE.COM
Other variations Https://slocumthemes.com/wordpress-themes/epic-free/ THROODALOOKINGGLASS.COM 1000WEBSITETOOLS.COM 2 Http://slocumstudio.com/wordpress-themes/epic-free/ REAL-BOOKS.RU 1
Theme Description "Make an Epic statement with this responsive WordPress blog theme. The perfect combination of minimalism and bold design for your journal, photo stream or video blog.", used in 8 websites including PUBLICWIRE.COM IFTEKHARKHAN.COM BUSINESS-TRENDS.RU
Theme License "GPL2+", used in 11 websites including IFTEKHARKHAN.COM BUSINESS-TRENDS.RU SMILESANDWICH.COM
Theme License URI "Http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html", used in 11 websites including DKIM-REPUTATION.ORG DELIRES-EN-FETES.COM PUBLICWIRE.COM
Author "Slocum Design Studio", used in 11 websites including THROODALOOKINGGLASS.COM 1000WEBSITETOOLS.COM IFTEKHARKHAN.COM
Author Website "Http://slocumthemes.com/", used in 8 websites including BUSINESS-TRENDS.RU SMILESANDWICH.COM APPINCOMEREPORT.COM
Other variations Https://slocumthemes.com/ THROODALOOKINGGLASS.COM 1000WEBSITETOOLS.COM 2 Http://slocumstudio.com REAL-BOOKS.RU 1

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