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Theme Website "Http://www.themememe.com/flato", used in 27 websites including FOROYAA.GM TRANSJP.INFO LA-VACHE-LIBRE.ORG
Theme Description "Flato is a simple blogging theme with a flat design.", used in 27 websites including LONELYSPECK.COM PLAYSMS.ORG TASTE3.COM
Theme License "GNU General Public License", used in 25 websites including FOROYAA.GM TRANSJP.INFO LA-VACHE-LIBRE.ORG
Theme License URI "License.txt", used in 26 websites including JSTRICKS.COM HIPERCOOL.NET TAMILQUEENS.COM
Author "ThememMeme", used in 27 websites including TRANSJP.INFO LA-VACHE-LIBRE.ORG IOT-CONFERENCE.ORG
Author Website "Http://www.themememe.com", used in 27 websites including URBAN-BASE.NET CLICKMOJO.COM SMARTCHICAGOCOLLABORATIVE.ORG
Text Domain "Themememe", used in 27 websites including TRANSJP.INFO LA-VACHE-LIBRE.ORG IOT-CONFERENCE.ORG

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